SOP #44 – Starting a Social Media Calendar

Goal: Creating a social media calendar to help you plan and track your business’ social media activity.

Ideal Outcome: You will never again ask any of the following questions:

  • Hey guys, what goes on Facebook today?
  • Where do we post this?
  • Guys, does anyone remember where we posted that super-funny GIF about our new product?
  • Why are we posting only on Facebook?
  • Do we even have any other social media accounts?
  • Was this approved?
  • Who approved this?
  • Why is there a monkey eating a banana posted on our LinkedIn?

Pre-requisites or requirements: Just social media accounts and access to Google Sheets. Patience and diligence are quite great to have too 🙂

Why this is important: All digital marketing efforts should be accounted for. They should be planned, they should be numbered, they should all be aligned with your brand’s goals. A social media calendar will help you plan and manage what is very frequently the single most chaotic type of digital marketing effort.

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